Sunday, June 26, 2011

Drunk Laughing

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent,
I am drunk in spiritual contemplation,
On how You share Beingness with all;
Drunk in mind and yet without alcohol.

I drink in Your deep sweet mysteries,
Until selves fade, dissolving into Self,
And all identities merge into Oneness,
Here, all divisions are long forgotten,
Here, they never were or even began.

My self is lost in all pervading Being,
Flowing with Life's sweet continuum -
Everything inside Your Consciousness,
As the dreamed inside the Dreamer.

As the Dreamer inside the dreamed,
Your Consciousness is in everything,
A Soul moving through all life forms.

This is a party, a cosmic celebration,
Pouring forth happiness and laughter.

If You resonate laughter through me,
My heart and mouth will wake others,
To follow the laughter to its Source.

      ~~~[] [] [] [] [] [] ~~~

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